Sell gift cards online in Ghana for Cedis

Exchange your unused gift cards for Ghana Cedis at the best rates in split seconds.


The best gift card trading platform in Ghana

Many people in Ghana end up with gift cards we'll never use or balances we forget to use.

This is where Cardtonic comes to the rescue, offering you a way to convert gift cards to Cedis at unbeatable gift card rates, putting real money back in your pocket.

With this, you can say goodbye to wasted gift cards and hello to extra cash in your Ghana bank account or mobile money.

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Accepted Gift Cards

We accept over 50 Gift Card brands, including but not limited to Apple, Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Apple Store, eBay, Sephora, Nordstrom and many more.


Why is Cardtonic the best place to sell gift cards in Ghana?

Cardtonic allows you to sell gift cards in Ghana. And here are some of the benefits you enjoy when you trade gift cards with Cardtonic:

Instant Payment

Using state-of-the-art payment procedures, you are guaranteed to get the payment for your gift card swap in minutes.

Competitive Rates

Get the best value for your gift cards with our competitive rates, ensuring you maximise your earnings when you sell.


Sell gift cards for Naira, anytime, anywhere, using our modern gift card trading app available on Android, iOS and web browser.

Trusted and Secure

Exchange gift cards with confidence, we assure you the highest level of encryption and professionally audited exchange system.

How to sell gift cards in Ghana (Video Guide)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cardtonic the best?

Cardtonic is the top choice for gift card trading because we provide unbeatable rates, meaning you get more value for your gift cards. Our fast payouts guarantee you'll receive your funds without delay.

We also simplify your experience with a user-friendly platform that's exceptionally easy to navigate.

But most importantly, Cardtonic prioritises strong security, so you can rest assured your assets and data stay secure.

How do I sell gift cards in Ghana?

Turning unused gift cards into cedis or momo is simple with Cardtonic. Our platform accepts a wide variety of gift card brands and makes the exchange process smooth. Just follow our step-by-step written guide or watch this video to get started.

Are there extra benefits for Ghanaian users?

Absolutely! When you use Cardtonic in Ghana, you're not only enjoying unbeatable rates, super-fast payouts, round-the-clock customer support, and unmatched security but also opening up a world of additional advantages.

 With every gift card transaction, you earn valuable reward points, which can be effortlessly converted into cash.

Plus, the more transactions you make, the higher your reward points. Learn more about our rewards and start earning today!

Can I exchange gift card for momo?

Yes. You can exchange gift card for cedis to your bank account or sell gift cards for mobile money on any network, be it AirtelTigo (Tigo, Airtel), MTN, Vodafone, Expresso Telecom, Globacom or Thuraya.

Can Ghanaian businesses partner with Cardtonic?

Yes. If you are willing to fly into the global gift card buzz and start taking advantage of these fast-rising and gift-oriented assets for your business, then, our partnership program is open as we are currently accepting Ghana businesses.

How long does it take to receive payment for my gift card?

You won't have to wait long to receive payment for your gift card swap. Typically, once you submit a withdrawal request, the payment is processed almost instantly. This means you can enjoy the cash from your gift card without any unnecessary delays, putting your money to use as quickly as possible.

What are the rates for selling gift cards In Ghana?

Cardtonic offers competitive rates for selling gift cards, ensuring you maximise your earnings when you sell. The rates may vary based on the gift card brand. However, you can always use our gift card rate calculator to check rates anytime.