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Our Partners Program

Enjoying the benefits of gift cards can be challenging for many businesses. Cardtonic provides a powerful platform that blends flexibility with automation to help partners scale faster.

With Cardtonic, partners can create custom gift cards for their businesses quickly or get bulk gift cards for their use easily. Our end-to-end solutions make gift cards accessible to employees, customers, and partners.


Partners' Commitments

An official Cardtonic partner commits to:

Become a Certified Cardtonic Partner

Having required dedicated resources

Being available for periodic meetings with relationship managers

Having required KYC information

Being transparent

Promoting Cardtonic in their region

Who needs to become a Cardtonic partner?


Individuals and businesses that are engaged in the dropshipping order fulfilment method that requires no stock or inventory. It gets even better with gift cards.


Whether you’re a Steam or a PlayStation fan, you need an endless supply of games. However, paying with cash would be burning a hole in your pocket.


Many gift cards exist because the brands understand their value. Businesses need to maximise profit, and reducing purchase costs is a great starting point.

Reward-Based Softwares

You can’t reward all your customers with cash due to geography and economic factors. How about using gift cards as rewards?


You might love designer items, but it’s easier when you don’t have to pay for them or when you get discounts on your purchases.

Travel Agents

You can book cheaper flights and hotel rooms with gift cards instead of your credit card.

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