User Loyalty Reward System

Earn reward points every time you carry out a transaction on Cardtonic.


Get rewarded for every transaction

Our reward program allows you to earn reward points for every successful trade you make. You earn higher reward points as you progress up the user-level ladder.


User Level Ranking System

Our user level has five ranks. To unlock any new level, you must have completed a particular amount of transactions.

Level Zero: Beginner

Trade up to 200,000 NGN to become a rookie and start earning reward points.

Level One: Rookie

Earn 0.2% in reward points on every trade after trading over 200,000 NGN

Level Three: Senior

Earn 0.6% in reward points on every trade after trading over 10,000,000 NGN

Level Two: Flex

Earn 0.4% in reward points on every trade after trading over 2,000,000 NGN

Level Four: Boss

Earn 0.8% in reward points on every trade after trading over 30,000,000 NGN

Level Five: Odogwu

Earn 1% in reward points on every trade after trading over 50,000,000 NGN

What are reward points?

Reward points are a percentage of every trade. With every successful transaction, you earn reward points that correspond to your user level. For example, if you are at the Odogwu level and make a transaction of N100,000, you will earn 1000 reward points.

Once you have accumulated points, you can redeem it for cash equivalent in your wallet, after which you can withdraw it.

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Get Rewarded For Referrals

The reward system is not limited to transactions only, as you will also be rewarded with points when you refer other users to the platform.

The referral system automatically generates a referral code and link for every user. You can share your referral link with anyone or give them your referral code to enter on the registration page.

You automatically receive reward points as compensation every time they carry out a transaction for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of points I can redeem?

At the moment, you cannot redeem less than 1000 points, which is equivalent to 1000 naira.

What is the maximum number of points I can redeem?

There are no maximum amount of redeemable points.

Do all my trades count towards reward points?

Absolutely! All completed transactions give you reward points in return. However, how many points you get depends on your user level and the transaction amount.

Can I get points for referring friends?

Yes, when you invite people to Cardtonic with your referral code, you earn 10% of all their transaction reward points for life.

Where do I see my points?

All your available points, redeemed points, and earned points can be viewed from the app or web dashboard once you log in to your account.