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Supermarket Gift Cards are prepaid cards that can be used to purchase merchandise from online supermarkets and stores where they are accepted.

Stocking up on grocery essentials strains your budget. Prices fluctuate weekly, making it hard to keep your kitchen full without going over budget. Cardtonic allows you to buy discounted supermarket gift cards or sell unused ones for cash.

So you can shop for all your food needs while saving money—and experience keeping your kitchen full without the financial stress. Or sell the gift cards to others and get cash in return. With Cardtonic, everybody wins.

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Use Case: For Sellers

Sometimes, you think you need a gift card worth $500 for some shopping but spend only $250.

In some other scenario, maybe you’ve just won a Supermarket Gift Card that you know you won’t be needing.

It’s easy to assume that the only option available is to hold on to that gift card till you find a use for it, but what if there was an option that allowed you to trade your gift card for money in minutes? Cardtonic is that option!

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Use Case: For Buyers

Whether you’re a drop shipper with a chain of marts and need a cheaper payment method, or you’re a personal shopper looking to get a good deal with gift cards to spend at designated shopping outlets, finding a trusted source to purchase these cards from can be a hassle.

Wouldn’t you rather have a middle-man who finds you discounted Supermarket Gift Cards and saves you from shady deals of any kind? Cardtonic is that option!

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Why Use Cardtonic?

Quick Transactions

Because we understand that time is money, your transactions are guaranteed to be completed at the speed of light.

Competitive Rates

Get the best value for your money or gift cards with our competitive prices, ensuring you are satisfied when you’re buying or selling.


Trade gift cards anytime, anywhere, with our gift card trading solution available on Android, iOS and Web browsers.

Trusted and Secure

Trade gift cards with confidence; we assure you the highest level of encryption and a professionally audited exchange system.