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Luxury fashion and beauty items often feel out of reach with their hefty price tags that strain wallets.

Cardtonic enables you to buy discounted lifestyle gift cards or trade your unused ones for cash, ensuring you can access your favourite fashion, beauty, and other brands while managing your budget. Enjoy guilt-free shopping for the finest things in life. You deserve it!

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Use Case: For Sellers

Lifestyle Gift Cards are great for spontaneous shopping sessions at your favourite fashion or beauty stores, and maybe you’ve done that already but didn’t exhaust the amount left on that gift card (which is expiring in a few weeks!).

Or maybe you have a gift card from a store that doesn’t deliver to your city. What if we took it off your hands and gave you a fair amount of cash in exchange?.

Sounds good? Let’s do it.

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Use Case: For Buyers

When you’re a wholesaler who ships in clothes and luxury fashion items from outside the country, it’s important to find a payment option that is less volatile and gives you the best value for your money; a gift card is a great option!

Maybe you’re trying to get a gift card for a specific brand so you can enjoy a lower fee, but you’re not quite sure who to get this from.

How about you sit back and let us bring you discounted Lifestyle Gift Cards? Not to worry, we handle the process on your behalf from start to finish.

Sounds good? Let’s do it.

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Why Use Cardtonic?

Quick Transactions

Because we understand that time is money, your transactions are guaranteed to be completed at the speed of light.

Competitive Rates

Get the best value for your money or gift cards with our competitive prices, ensuring you are satisfied when you’re buying or selling.


Trade gift cards anytime, anywhere, with our gift card trading solution available on Android, iOS and Web browsers.

Trusted and Secure

Trade gift cards with confidence; we assure you the highest level of encryption and a professionally audited exchange system.